What we are about:

“A deep beauty exists in the stories our hands have to tell… each of us has a chance to be REAL and claim our own beauty.”  Shelley

Shelley Malcolm has enjoyed her creative path which includes restoring a vintage seaside chapel, sculpting and painting, or designing and building for theater or film.  Her projects share inspired origins.  REAL is no exception.  With adventures like hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, Mt Whitney, water skiing through a school of Basking Sharks, and recently learning to jet ski on the ocean, her life continues to be full.  Shelley is a mother of four, a marathoner, world traveler, dental hygienist, church and community volunteer and activist.  Shelley is co-owner of La Perla del Mar Chapel in Shell Beach, California, which has become a destination for weddings, surf films, and other events drawing guests from all corners of the world.

Terilee Ouimette has loved art, people, and traveling from a very young age. Photography has been a great medium to combine her passions. She loves a good adventure, whether it is in Asia, Europe, or the Middle East. She has walked ruins dating back to Biblical times; eaten snake in Vietnam, ridden slides down the mountains of Switzerland and snowboarded in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada where she grew up. She runs Terilee Dawn Photography, hates cooking, loves her Converse shoes and could read all day. She has been married for five years and can’t wait to see where life takes her next.

For info on Martha Martha, La Perla del Mar Chapel or Terilee Dawn Photography see pages coming soon!


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