What Readers are Saying

I love your book “Real.” As someone who sees her hands becoming like those of her mother and grandmother’s, it is inspiring to be reminded of the “soul” that is reflected in those wrinkles and spots. The entire book is a treat.  M. F.  Four Hills Vineyards

I LOVE the book!  Being part of this community all my life….   reading the beautiful stories and seeing the hands that work to make our community a special place was a joy!  C. B. Starbucks Regional Manager

It is outstanding!  K. R. Shell Beach Friends of the Library

May I say you are a wonderful writer.  The descriptions of these people with holy hands are superb—and I am a reader, so think I know good writing when I see it.  Please keep writing!  Peace around and within,  S. Blomstad,  Old Mission Santa Barbara

We are both really enjoying reading this wonderful book.  It is just spectacular!!  I was showing it to a friend today and she fell in love with it, too.   J. S.

I love Daniel’s story. . . gave me chills!  I just read Douglas’s story and it was awesome! . .  loved it! . . . a perfect reflection of a very complex man. . . . Every time I think I’ve found a favorite, I read another one I like just as much.  I think they’re all equally moving and well thought out.  I can’t think of how to succinctly get the point across of how great REAL is.  I finally did find my favorite, and it’s Davey and Fran’s story. I am behind this book 100%.  It is truly awesome!!!  Can’t believe you captured so much in so little space.  Everyone needs a copy! K. G. Grencik Literary Agency

Loved REAL!   I started to tag my favorites but there were simply too many.  C.

“I believe that hand therapists will appreciate this honest and beautiful portrayal of hands and how they make us uniquely human.”  Lois Barber, honorary member American Society of Hand Therapists and inventor of LMB splints

My wife has given it to three of her friends and interestingly I found that the husbands have picked it up and reading it also.  All have had very positive comments.  Great job on the book.  Looks great, photos are excellent and keeps your attention while reading.  One just cannot wait to get to the next story.  C.P.  Bank Founder

I LOVE “Real.” I have cried, smiled and laughed each time I read a part of the book. I really do treasure it.  C. Senior Staff Writer, Times Press Recorder

Inspired by REAL

From Cindy   “My prayer: that I would honor and esteem any lifting, carrying, guiding, and teaching I may inadvertently do – that I would remember it is not this world I do it for.  Moreover, those considered “less than viable: by this world’s” standards are who I will be held accountable for: how I think about and treat them.  What “real” miracles have I already missed by being seduced in looking for the spectacular?- Let me hear the cry of the gospel and respond”

“I can only hope that such an opportunity present itself I will be able and willing to accept Jesus’s offered invitation to participate in something extraordinary, something otherly.  I would hope that I would not succumb to the economy of the world ‘financially or socially’ I want to pass the test. Not be afraid to get dirty and end up looking as much like Jesus as humanly possible on my way to whatever Cross Christ has for me. “


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