La Perla

As mentioned in the blog about our book release party and on bios,  I am in partnership with a friend and our husbands in a seaside chapel restoration and business.   It is a most precious place that was destined for demolition.  After months of praying and hoping that someone would save that darling, vintage California mission style, it turned out that that someone would be us. Many miracles took place during that time, especially in the financing, the planning and renovating to ADA code compliancy, and its new life.  All of the things we dared to ask for in the use permit from the City of Pismo Beach are really happening on our little gem of a corner.  Since getting used to blogging here, I am planning on starting one for La Perla del Mar. For now, readers can check it out at

La Perla has become the venue for beachside weddings with an intimate and spirited atmosphere.  We have well attended Sunday church services again.  Some of the other activities that have transformed our community through this chapel are:  Three years of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (Oscar winning actors Alan Arkin and James Cromwell taught acting class),  Yoga classes and voice workshops attended by people from all over the world,  Art shows,    Photos shoots (see photos below where 🙂 I actually get to model Hospital gowns for Healing FUN!)   concerts, meetings and over 100 weddings in the last three and a half years.  La Perla del Mar has been called the “surf film” venue of the Central Coast of California.

It has been a blessing to have it reestablished as a community center and church, a place for healing and celebration…   Thank you to Garin Sinclair and Jim Murphy and my husband, Doug, for being fearless in trying something new and so exciting.. for taking this walk of faith.

Most of the photos are by REAL’s own Terilee Dawn!

Photo shoot pic, courtesy of and


One thought on “La Perla

  1. At my age, this took a sense of humor and fun and a definitely the desire to serve a good cause. Must admit it was memorable! “Camo” hospital gowns… wow! Good job Healing Gowns and Mike and Lynn of Lamoine Photo group, Los Angeles

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