The Little Library that is making it big!

In our first few months of having REAL available, our hope of giving back to community and charity is being realized.  Recently, it has been an honor to work with the Friends of Shell Beach Library, to promote memberships and give part of our proceeds from FSL events to the library.  It is such a special, small, but mighty, place in our community. The people who make it come alive are devoted and such a pleasure!  In the last few years the library has expanded from the days of the two tiny rooms our kids visited when they were young.  However, it still has the small town friendliness, accessibility, and cozy ambiance that it was founded on.  It is interesting as we hear about libraries closing across the country in many cities, that this library is actually growing.  Thought its hours are limited, it is frequented by neighbors who love the convenience of walking over on a sunny afternoon to check out their books or videos, or just to use the internet. Thank you Friends of Shell Beach Library for all you do for our community!  We are honored to become of a part of that!


Miracles in Healing: Body and Soul

Recently we have received more reader photos of hands.   I am moved by the love, the tenderness, the hardship and the overcoming that is universal!  Here is a photo which reflects a reality of mother and child relationship.  Alex and her toddler son,  share a personal moment comparing their scars, how similar in position and size, and possibly the memory of pain.  I am reminded of how, as mothers, we try to raise our children in a safe and happy world, try instinctively protect them from injury or pain.  The reality is that it is beyond our complete control and injury is a part of life.  The blessing is in having someone there to pick you up, kiss the wound, wipe your tears and encourage, with a hug, that “it will be just fine”.   It is a miracle of healing for our bodies and our souls, that we can overcome the hurt, it can get better and even be a part of what makes each person like no one else.  Thank you Alex and Christian.