Hurley Finds a Home

We have always had animals.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, more rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians.  Even the ant farms and caterpillar/butterfly kit.  We did not need a farm, but with four kids, it sometimes felt like a farm/ Grand Central Station mix.  Last year we lost our three aging pets, Betty and Sam, sister and brother cats, and our beloved Sunny, the wonderful yellow lab we adopted at age 6.  Within a few months of her adoption, Sunny became severely diabetic.  We immediately conformed to the new routine of proper food and proper times, urine testing (following her when she peed so I could catch it in a soup ladle to test with a strip)  and her twice daily injections of insulin.  Occasionally she required blood testing and hospitalization when the levels got really out of whack.  Sunny was so patient and calm about it all.  She lived with diabetes and us for the next 5 years.   She lost her vision, a lot of strength, and eventually her enjoyment of her last days.  Sam and Betty passed before her, and we did not expect Sunny to follow so soon, but she stopped eating.  It was like she was done.  We have the best memories of this golden girl and what a happy dog she was.  When our house became so much quieter, we thought we would not get any animals for awhile.  That was Christmastime.

Six weeks ago, Hurley needed a home.   His owner had taken ill and was selling his home.  Hurley was needing a place for the next few months.  At first we were reluctant to bring this big black lab home with us.  I was just beginning to enjoy the freedom and was worried he may be too hyper for us.  Hurley is about the same age Sunny was, but a male and much more energetic and strong.  We were happy to give it a try anyway.   This dog has been an amazing blessing in our home.  I forgot what it feels like to have a dog who can walk and play,  each treats now and then, is happy and can get in and out of a car without pain.  He is an absolute joy, and I am so glad he is staying with us.   We are getting used to this big guy who loves either plain yogurt or broccoli and beans on his dog food.  He loves to sleep on the sofa.  Only occasionally but loudly, He BARKS, which Sunny rarely did.  He knows so much more than I ever dreamed he would.  He loves taking care of us.  So for now, Hurley is here at home.  Comfortable and comforting.  He will be ready to go back to his owner when the time comes, and we will be happy to see him happy.   I am very very glad that we said YES  to this great big black dog!


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