Seriously silly

Tears and doubled-up laughter today.  Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mom, 90 years old and going strong, siblings and two of my daughters and a nephew…

Tears, just from hearing such tender words or reading them on a card… from our grown up children.  Their lives seem so busy and preoccupied with exciting challenges that I did not expect the expressions of love that were around our table today.  Once the precious and very heartfelt moments took their turns, the conversation turned to remembrances of childhood and hilarious memories as they reenacted old skits and scenes from family videos.  The girls slipped back into their 5 and 6 year old roles singing “I just can’t wait to be KING!” with exaggerated roars and body movements. Next they added , now 20 year old, Mer’s extended version of   the “Castle on a Cloud” melody using her own lyrics about her “fingernail and toenail polishes”.  She remembered her imitation of Forrest Gump’s famous quotes, and wondered how as a 5 year old, she even knew them as “that was not a movie for a 5 year old”!  It was such a joy to see how they remembered the freedom to be silly and not worry about who was watching or caring.  It was all fun and all of it was good, with no such thing as embarrassment.  Here’s to times like that for everyone:  times of tears and laughter, to be silly and free, for a moment or two or more… and with a friend or two or more.


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