Baby to Blogger

I am a baby blogger….a true novice.  It takes me a long time learn anything new that is technical or electronic.  Computers were my phobia until that fear was overcome about 10 years ago.  At that point to just do word processing was  a huge accomplishment.   Email became a necessity over time, and as most people finally learn when trying new things, even mistakes are not the end of the world.  Thankfully, there are  many brilliantly talented people out there who a madly in love and speak the language of computers and internet.  I do not hesitate to call on their expertise!

MARTHA is the website we have enjoyed as home for REAL, the book, since its beginnings about two years ago.  Jenny Malott of Live Artfully Design is its creator and she has done a marvelous job.  The site  speaks well for the project that REAL is.  At this writing, Jenny is designing our blog to be more consistent with the website.  Be ready for something really special! Thank you Jenny.  Thank you to Kyle Lacy for his help with Twitter and Blogging…

Check it out!


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