Everyone deserves a hand!

Everyone deserves a hand.  There was applause. There were handshakes and handouts!

The campus of the University of Southern California was bustling with people, color, flags, and BOOKS!  My Alma Mater really looked proud and elegant after all of these years.  I cannot remember the last time I was on the campus.

LA Times Festival of Books lived up to our expectations.  It was so easy to meet people from all over and all walks of life.  We were glad that we brought some visual props for our signing booth as they did catch the attention and gave passersby something to talk about from the start. Terilee’s framed photos always set a wonderful tone.  We also were able to enjoy the reaction to the “Happy Clappers” and wooden hands.  These toys were contributed by the cover girl of REAL, Lois.  They are were hugely popular, as we were able to pass out the little hands with our books. We were glad that we were able to bring our wonderful book marks along, as they made a wonderful extra gift!  It was fascinating to hear our visitors talk about what hands mean to them and how often they held out their own hands for us to see.  Most people really loved the concept.

Not a book remained after the time slot. As many of our visitors departed, they chatted away while examining their own or their friend’s hands…

                                                                                           Lois,              Thank you


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